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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

Nelson Mandela

The Impact Leadership model is based on seven leadership principles encompassing both strong and warm skills. Creating the right balance between the two creates powerful leadership presence.

The principles are appropriate for all leaders and coaches, and the training is an outstanding example of experiential and kinaesthetic learning. A coach and facilitator works alongside a horse trainer both of whom are highly skilled in coaching, feedback, the particular leadership principles and, of course, in working with the horses.

This experiential programme provides actual practice in applying the principles – not a simulation. Yes, the practice is with horses; however it’s important to understand that the leadership principles are being genuinely practiced. The horse provides feedback (along with the facilitators) on the participant’s performance.

If, for example, your communication with the horse is not clear, the horse won’t respond. Or, if you praise inappropriately, you will further confuse the horse and, again, they won’t respond in the way you wish. So the programme is not about how to get horses to respond, but about how you (a leader or coach) engage anyone at work – with clarity, commitment, energy, and so on.

After the programmes, participants receive personal online reminders and tasks revolving around the seven principles to keep learnings fresh and relevant to the workplace. This process produces accelerated learning and will fast track your performance and that of your team.

We welcome the opportunity to align our programmes with your chosen leadership theory training.  Managers and team leaders may attend the programme to support the group and we can discuss ways in which you can do so.


Any manager, leader or coach would benefit from this programme

About Janine

Janine Sudbury is a former BBC and National Radio broadcast journalist and presenter who has created one of the most unique leadership training centres in the country. She has a BA in Philosophy and Politics, has worked in Congress in Washington DC and has used these experiences to develop Impact Leadership. She is the Programme co-ordinator, facilitator, videographer and coach.

Her journalistic career has helped her develop an astuteness in reading people and situations which allow her to swiftly pinpoint people’s strengths and weaknesses. Janine understands how to motivate and inspire others. She is also a superb communicator and listener who is empathetic and capable of giving honest, passionate feedback. These skills enable her to help clients accelerate their leadership development.

Janine has developed this experiential leadership training over the past 16 years. She has hand-picked only the best horse trainers from around New Zealand to collaborate with, offering participants the experience of a lifetime. She has been involved with horses from when she was a young child living in London. Her passion has led her to work on ranches in the United States, break in horses at Mt Nicholas station in Queenstown, ride trackwork at Otaki racetrack, and spend much of her spare time training her two horses at Sudbury.

Seven years ago Janine launched Sudbury, a stunning country venue hosting weddings, leadership training and corporate events. In 2018 she won an Electra Business Excellence Award. She attracts clients from around the world who wish to experience Impact Leadership and Sudbury.

Janine Sudbury Leads her horse over an obstacle

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