Pivot – Women’s leadership programme

“Impact’s Leadership Development Programme is the best I’ve ever been to in my whole career. It was authentic, it was relevant and we got so much out of it as a team.”

CEO Wellington Zoo, Karen Fifield

What is ‘Pivot’?

What is ‘Pivot’?

A powerful and proven leadership programme for women who want to improve their performance in a challenging environment. This unique two day course uses interaction with horses to help you develop leadership presence.

Who will benefit?

Who will benefit?

Women from different leadership positions within a variety of organisations:

  • Executive leadership teams
  • Leaders within an organisation
  • Emerging leaders
  • Companies or teams undergoing changes
  • Newly formed teams that need to become effective as a group in a short time
  • Teams who need to exchange new ideas quickly and clearly
  • Talent pool or high-flying personnel as part of ongoing professional development
Why use horses?

Why use horses?

Horses are astonishingly effective at giving accurate, undistorted feedback on your leadership style. It is almost impossible to achieve this level of unbiased feedback from a human without taking it personally.

Why are horses such an effective training tool?

  • A horse communicates mainly through body language. To be effective, your mind, emotions, intention and body language must be completely aligned towards conveying the same message.
  • A horse is independent. It doesn’t care about your name, your fame, your position, or your past achievements. It will give you honest feedback.
  • Horses are prey animals. If you suddenly doubt your action, the horse will sense it immediately and challenge your leadership. The horses reflect your ‘real’ mood and model your behaviour, whether you like it or not.
  • Horses are herd animals. They naturally look for an authentic and confident leader.
  • Learning from experience makes the lessons unforgettable
Learn the ancient art of horse whispering.

Course outcomes

You come away from the programme with an increase in self-awareness which enables you to:

  • Develop a focused, energised and dynamic leadership style
  • Establish boundaries and have the courage to stick to them
  • Understand and develop your approach to non-verbal communication
  • Radically improve how you communicate your ideas
  • Learn how to build stronger relationships based on respect
  • Establish vision and lead with clarity
  • Develop your leadership presence
  • Belong to a Women’s leadership support group through Impact Leadership

Programme overview

Our programme starts with a two day, hands-on learning experience with the horses, focused by direct coaching from the horse whisperer and our leadership facilitator. The schedule shows what to expect during the event, but our programme can be customised to suit your organisation. Where appropriate, we can work with you to create links with your in-house leadership model ensuring the lessons are applied back in the workplace.

Day one – Inner Leadership

8am: Introduction to the course

9am: Coffee and The Panel focusing on Imposter Syndrome

10am: Demonstration

Horse Arena – approx 1½ hours with your horse

12.30pm: Video analysis

1pm: Lunch

2pm: Introduce the ‘Inner Leadership Principles’

Arena – approx 1½ hours with your horse

Video analysis

5.30pm: Finish

Day two – Application

9am: Coffee and strategy facilitation

Horse Arena – approx 1½ hours with your ahorse

10am: Demonstration

12.30pm: Video analysis

1pm: Lunch

2pm: Horse Arena – approx 2½ hours with your horse

Final group discussion – applying principles to the workplace

Close of day drinks

6.00pm: Finish

8th & 9th October 2024, $3500 + gst

Includes: training, materials and food will be supplied during the course (breakfast, dinner and accommodation not included).

Impact Leadership was magnificent for me. It was probably the best course I’ve ever been on for teaching yourself about yourself. I would encourage anyone to do it now!

All Black Coach, Steve Hansen

About Janine

London-born journalist, Janine Sudbury, started her career working for the BBC in the UK and National Radio in New Zealand. Over the past 15 years Janine has used these communication and leadership skills to develop the Impact Leadership Programme, A Look Within. She is the programme co-ordinator, facilitator, videographer and is also a keen horsewoman. She calls the programme ‘disruptive leadership’ because of its transformational effect.

Janine is excited to launch our Women’s leadership programme because she is passionate about empowering women. “This is an original way to create powerful female leaders in traditional industries. We guarantee our programme will make huge changes to your performance and help you release your potential.”

Janine has hand-picked only the best horse trainers from around New Zealand and abroad with which to collaborate. Using the Impact leadership model called the ‘Seven Principles of the Horse Whisperer’, she has designed a learning pathway that enables you to develop your own leadership style during the two day programme. This unique collaboration offers participants an experience of a lifetime.

“I realised that what I could share with people was not something that they were ever going to get with traditional training…horse whispering is not a mystical art form for dealing with horses, it is a method that equally applies to bringing the best out in people. I have had people imploring me to make this information known because of the transformational impact it can have on their lives. This is a training not to be missed!”

Janine Sudbury Leads her horse over an obstacle

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Pivot - Women in Leadership, a breakthrough two day leadership programme, 8th and 9th October 2024